Welcome summer with La Compagnie du Mochi

mochis glacés dessert

Summer is finally here! At La Compagnie du Mochi, we're celebrating this sunny season with our delicious mochi, perfect for refreshing your days and enchanting your summer evenings. Whether you're a fan of our mochis or discovering them for the first time, let yourself be seduced by our gourmet creations, ideal for summer.

Mochi glacé: Fresh and delicious

Our iced mochis are specially designed to bring you freshness and pleasure. Prepared with seasonal ingredients, our fruit mochis are an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Discover our mango passion mochi, an exotic sweetness that transports you to the tropics, or our raspberry pistachio mochi, a perfect balance of acidity and sweetness.

Perfect for picnics

Summer is the season for picnics and outdoor meals. Our mochis are the ideal companions for your summer escapades. Easy to transport, they add a gourmet touch to your packed lunches. Their small size and melt-in-the-mouth texture make them irresistible to young and old alike.

A unique experience

At La Compagnie du Mochi, we strive to create unique culinary experiences. Our mochi are carefully prepared using techniques that respect Japanese tradition, while incorporating modern, innovative flavors. Each bite is an invitation to travel, blending tradition and modernity.

Find our mochis in supermarkets

Enjoying our mochi couldn't be easier.

They are available in many supermarkets across the country. When you go shopping, remember to add our mochis to your basket for a guaranteed gourmet break. Visit our website to find your nearest sales outlet.

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This summer, make every moment a gourmet moment with La Compagnie du Mochi. Our fresh, tasty iced mochis are perfect for any occasion. Find them in your favorite supermarket and let yourself be swept away by a wave of sweetness and pleasure.

Discover the magic of mochi and celebrate summer like never before with La Compagnie du Mochi.

To explore our range of iced mochis and enjoy this sensory experience, visit our website.

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