The world of La Compagnie du Mochi

Made in France, the So Mochi group has been reflecting the elegance and prestige of mochi for five years. In Provence, in La Ciotat, the brand makes, sublimates and creates a real pastry... the ice cream mochi.

Discover the story of ice cream mochi with La Compagnie du Mochi...

Julien Biondo & Jonathan Stioui, founders of La Compagnie du Mochi

The bet kept

In 2020, at the request of numerous Provencal outlets, a brand dedicated to supermarkets was created, with the aim of introducing the French to this gourmet pastry, a true idyll of tradition and flavor.

Over the past 3 years, Compagnie du Mochi has expanded both nationally and internationally.

The development of its product ranges, customer portfolio and partnerships has enabled La Compagnie du Mochi to rank among the top 3 French players in the segment.

Brand creation

Founded in 2017, in La Ciotat, by Julien Biondo and Jonathan Stioui, the SO MOCHI group is gaining all its legitimacy with japanese restaurants to become, in just a few years, the benchmark for this nipponese delicacy. that is the Ice cream Mochi Their shared passion for gastronomy and travel led them to develop their expertise in the land of the Rising Sun. 

The know-how they have acquired will be able to offer us a sublimated version of this ice-cream pastry.

Plusieurs parfums de mochis glacés presque fondus
Mochis glacés framboise pistache, mochi chocolat noisettes et macadamia coeur coulant caramel

Acclaimed for its original flavours and the quality of its products, the brand makes a point of embodying the values of boldness and creativity. La Compagnie du Mochi is a company on a human scale, with the ambition of continuing to grow thanks to its enthusiastic and dynamic team. La Compagnie du Mochi has set itself the goal of democratising consumption and becoming the premium reference for Mochi in France and Europe.

Mochis glacés framboise pistache, mochi chocolat noisettes et macadamia coeur coulant caramel


La Compagnie du Mochi is also a very tasty ice cream mochi.


100% pleasure witha bewitching texture and incomparable taste.


A 100% homemade ice cream, a delicately sweet rice paste.